Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Three Movies In One

The principal production schedule for "Under Siege 2" was divided almost exactly in half between exterior filming on location in Colorado and interior work on stages 12 and 18 on Warner Bros.' Burbank lot. Add to that the extensive special effects and visual effects work done in post-production, and a triply-complicated production is created.

"It was almost like shooting three separate movies," allows producer Steve Perry. "The difficult logistics of filming on active train lines in the Rockies, and dealing with weather and altitude, were matched, if not exceeded by, the visual effects work and cramped interior spaces we had to contend with on stage. No sooner were we finished with the stage work when we had to create our climactic train crash in post-production."

The film's first eight weeks of shooting took place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in and around the resort town of Beaver Creek, Colorado. The expected challenges involved with shooting exteriors in late fall in Colorado were all present: cold, often rainy weather, a bit of snow now and then, the difficulties presented by the high altitude and the ever-present problem of short days created by the early setting of the sun behind the mountains.

In the end, though, everyone agreed that the difficulties were far outweighed by the incredible, majestic footage provided by the stunning Rocky Mountain backdrops. "We shot in some of the most beautiful, pristine locations in the world," says Steven Seagal. "Aside from the people who laid the track, probably only a handful of people have ever been where we were. It was hard, but it was definitely worth it."