The Tempest

A Conversation With John Glover

Tell us about "The Tempest."

It’s a fantastic story, and it’s larger than life. It’s based on Shakespeare’s "The Tempest." Unlike Shakespeare’s story, this project is set during the Civil War. It’s a story about family, about duty and about responsibility. From my point of view, this story is about brother against brother, (sometimes) father against son, friends against friends. The Civil War setting adds to its passion – I can’t think of a more passionate war.

One of the things that attracted most of us, is that it has everything. There’s the story about people, there’s a lot of action and there’s the magical quality that I can’t even imagine. There are genius people here doing these special effects, and how they do it is a wonder to me.

Describe your character and explain what attracted you to the role.

My character is Anthony Prosper. My older brother, Gideon, is still in mourning from his wife’s death five years ago, and he is unable to handle the responsibility of his land. I know how to run the plantation and how to take care of the slaves. I devise a way to get rid of my brother and take over the plantation and run it the proper way.

Then we cut 12 years and the War starts. I’m still doing things to try to save the plantation. I thought Gideon was dead, but I find out that he’s still alive. So, I go to find him and to destroy him for good. It is then that I find out he is on the magic island and has learned how to use his magic. What attracted me to this role is the passion that’s in the script.

Tell us a little about shooting "The Tempest."

In two days, I’ve poled flat boats down rivers, I’ve hidden horses, I’ve played with snakes and I’ve been in the middle of a hurricane. For the storm scenes, we had everything you could ever imagine.

Do you think the network television audience will appreciate this project?

Shakespeare’s stories have been alive for 400 years. People are a little intimidated by the language, but we don’t have the language. This is Shakespeare’s story, but it will draw everybody into it. It is a magnificent story.