Evil Never Dies

A Conversation With Director Uli Edel

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot

Q: What attracted you to this script?

A: The interesting aspect of the script is that it is a modern version of the Frankenstein myth. But with today's technology, it's more believable that you could bring a corpse back to life. Another thing that thrilled me with the script is the big twist at the end, so the audience should stick around to the end to see how things really turn out.

Q: How did you choose this cast?

A: I first saw Thomas Gibson in Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, and I thought from that he would be perfect for this part. Katherine I saw on Roswell, in which she plays an alien, and that really showed me what she could do. Simon Bossell, who plays the villain, is a great, young Australian actor. I think you will be very surprised and scared to death when you experience his performance.

Q: What was the visual approach you chose for this movie?

A: The cinematography tries to catch those elements that make a horror movie a horror movie. But we also mix the gothic elements with the very modern elements.

Q: What kind of modern elements?

A: We have a much more realistic approach to this movie. It's not stylized like an old gothic horror movie. We're using a lot of hand-held camera. We also have a fast-paced style, what you might call an MTV style.

Q: How does this movie compare with the movies you've made for TBS Superstation's sister network, TNT?

A: This is a horror movie that takes place today. Compared to the movies I did before for TNT, like The Mists of Avalon and King of Texas, I'm actually glad to do a story that takes place in the present.

Q: Do you think bringing someone back to life is a possibility?

A: We know at this moment that bringing someone back to life is impossible, but we also know that in a few years, it might be possible.

Q: What can the audience expect from watching this movie?

A: I think the audience can expect a good horror film. If they don't get goose bumps or if I don't scare them, then I didn't do a good job.