Evil Never Dies

A Conversation With Thomas Gibson

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Still Evil Never Dies - Promotional Still

Q: How would you sum up this movie?

A: It's a cop thriller with a horror film twist to it. It's also the kind of movie you sit down with a box of popcorn on a rainy Saturday afternoon and have a great time watching.

Q: What attracted you to this script?

A: What really stood out for me reading the script was the combination of elements that you haven't really seen before. It has a nice, refreshing way of putting them together.

Q: How realistic is the resurrection aspect of this movie?

A: Part of what makes this movie work is that there are so many frontiers being broken, technologically speaking, in the medical profession. This story may seem incredibly far-fetched. And yet at the same time, you might catch yourself saying, "Is it really that far-fetched?"

Q: So you think at some point, bringing the dead back to life might be a medical reality?

A: We're still a little bit far away from where these guys are in the movie. But then there were people ten years ago saying that medicine wouldn't be where it is today. So we, as filmmakers, are banking on that feeling of "what if."

Q: How has shooting in Australia almost entirely at night affected you?

A: Well, I'm not going to have jet lag when I get back to Los Angeles, because I'm still working on LA time.

Q: What are your thoughts on director Uli Edel?

A: Uli's unexpected. This isn't run-of-the-mill television or movie stuff. This movie is going to look very interesting, visually speaking. Uli has great ideas about how to shoot certain scenes so that they come out quite unique, interesting and unpredictable.