Evil Never Dies


Thomas Gibson and Katherine Heigl Face Evil Reborn in TBS Superstation's Original Horror Movie Evil Never Dies

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Poster Evil Never Dies - Promotional Poster

An evil killer is brought back to life in TBS Superstations's gripping original thriller EVIL NEVER DIES, staring Thomas Gibson (Dharma and Greg) and Katherine Heigl (Roswell). The movie is directed by Uli Edel (Last Exit to Brooklyn, Oz) from a script by Max Enscoe & Annie DeYoung and Farhad Mann & Barry Sandler, from a story by Star Price. It is produced by the Wolper Organization in association with Warner Bros. Television, with Jeffrey Hayes (Christmas Rush) and Mark Wolper (The Mists Of Avalon) serving as executive producers.

EVIL NEVER DIES stars Gibson as a police officer who loses his wife at the hands of a brutal murderer. After being transferred to patrol duty at a prestigious college, Gibson discovers that the now-executed murderer is part of a professor's strange experiment that results in his being brought back to life, his murderous drive still intact. Heigl plays the professor's assistant.