Evil Never Dies

A Conversation With Katherine Heigl

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot

Q: Describe your character in this movie.

A: The character I play is a college student studying to be a doctor. She's an assistant to one of the professors on campus.

Q: What is her relationship to the character Thomas Gibson plays?

A: She is one of the first women Thomas' character has looked at since the violent death of his wife. I think she sort of helps him get through that grief.

Q: What's been your favorite scene to shoot?

A: The scene in which we bring the killer back to life is kind of creepy. It's got a modern Frankenstein-type vibe to it.

Q: What was your impression of the script when you read it?

A: I think what's fantastic about this script is that there has obviously been a lot of research done to make the technical and medical aspects come off as very real and very relevant to society today.

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot Evil Never Dies - Promotional Shoot

Q: Do you think science will be able to bring dead tissue back to life someday?

A: I suspect we're probably much closer to the things this movie deals with than we realize. I don't think you have to suspend your disbelief when you watch this. I think it's very easy to think of this as being real, because it's so close to what we're around the corner from today.

Q: What's your take on the movie's villain?

A: What really struck me is how well-developed the serial killer is. And that's a huge part of the story and how it plays out on screen. He's a very compelling character.

Q: What should the TBS Superstation viewer expect from watching this movie?

A: I think the TBS Superstation viewer can expect to see some very intelligent writing, some interesting plot twists, some great suspense and very emotional moments.