Evil Never Dies

A Conversation With John Waters

Q: Describe your character in EVIL NEVER DIES.

A: I guess the character of Professor Arkin is the part of Dr. Frankenstein in this piece. It borrows heavily from the idea that you might be able to create new life from old, although in this case, it's not exactly piecing together parts of several human beings. It's resurrecting one from the dead.

Evil Never Dies - Promotional Still Evil Never Dies - Promotional Still

Q: So should audiences expect to see a retelling of the Frankenstein story if they watch EVIL NEVER DIES?

A: It's not the Frankenstein story, but it borrows on it. But there's plenty of new stuff here to keep audiences intrigued.

Q: Why do you think the concept of bring the dead back to life has captured the imagination of audiences for so long?

A: I guess it represents one of those ancient human desires to live forever.

Q: If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

A: I can think of a few people I wouldn't mind bringing back. John Lennon would be good.

A Conversation With Simon Bossell

Q: So do you think bringing someone back to life will be a possibility one day?

A: With the technology that we're talking about in this film, we're dealing with things that are on the edge of research at the moment. Nothing is out of the question.

Q: What is your take on your character, resurrected serial killer William Charles Lee?

A: I kind of have this secret take that Lee wouldn't be completely brought back to life. There's a kind of hollowness there that makes him even worse than before.

Q: What intrigued you about how this movie deals with death?

A: If you see death as a virus or a condition rather than an end, that's a pretty advanced concept. I don't know if it would hold any water, but it's an interesting idea.

Q: So do you think restoring life to dead tissue may be a possibility someday?

A: Certainly there have been huge advances made recently in medicine, so it's not such a big leap to think that a person's life could be regenerated. But what kind of life would that be? That's the question lying under the surface of this film.