Life As We Know It

A 'Life' Of Its Own

"Luck might've gotten you this far in life, but it won't get you through parenting."

For the cast and crew of "Life As We Know It," both life and storytelling are about feeling connected.

"We all go through so much in our lives - sometimes it's exhilarating, sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful," Katherine Heigl states. "If we can tell those stories honestly, so that people sitting in the audience feel for the characters and their situation, well, I think that's the point of what we do, and hopefully what we've done here."

Josh Duhamel adds, "I think that every man who is making that transition from singlehood to fatherhood will be able to relate to this movie."

Director Greg Berlanti states, "In a lot of ways, I found directing a film a lot like being a first-time parent. For months, you do everything you can to prepare for it, but once it's happening - once you're on set or once the baby's arrived - you really have to go with the flow. That's what Holly and Messer have to learn. And I think that's what makes it a very universal story and one that I hope audiences will enjoy."