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The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (JDHF) was founded by Nancy and Katherine Heigl to increase awareness of inhumane animal treatment and support efforts for rescue, medical care, training and placement needs in the Greater Los Angeles area. The Heigl's passion for animals inspired them to form an organization dedicated to animal welfare that would also be a lasting legacy to the compassion, kindness and memory of a beloved son and brother.

In 1986, Jason was killed in a car accident. He was fifteen years old. Throughout his brief lifetime Jason loved all animals, especially dogs and cats and monkeys. He lived his life extending compassion and kindness to all creatures great and small.

The mission of The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation is to eliminate the needless suffering inflicted on animals by human cruelty, indifference, and ignorance.

In pursuit of this mission The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation funds a number of programs including an internal rescue group, The Heigl Hounds Of Hope, that focuses its rescue efforts on medium to large dogs from high kill shelters. Support is also provided to non-profit animal rescue / advocacy groups via the Heigl Foundation's Networking Program, designed to encourage organizations to save more shelter animals in Southern California by helping to offset some of the enormous financial costs associated with animal rescue care. Funding is also given for free spay / neuter procedures for qualified caretakers, for compassion education programs, and to assist with the transport of dogs from overcrowded shelters in Los Angeles to communities where the demand for dogs is high but the supply is low.

To find out more information about the work of the Heigl Foundation and to discover how you can help, volunteer or contribute, please visit the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation web site.

Updates from The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation is primarily funded by Nancy and Katherine Heigl in conjunction with donations from the public and sponsors. Any assistance that you are able to provide will be gratefully received and directly benefit our animal welfare efforts and programs.

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Thank you for your support. Together we can make a difference.

The Compassion Revolution

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The Compassion Revolution is a major companion pet initiative with a broad mission to unite diverse groups and individuals under one alliance to initiate programs that directly address the pet overpopulation crisis in the Greater Los Angeles area, and set a precedent for similar programs across the United States.

At a press conference held on September 23rd, 2010 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Katherine Heigl accompanied by the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation Board, launched the The Compassion Revolution. To kick off the initiative, the Heigl Foundation announced a $1 million pledge for spay / neuter and supporting programs in the City and County of Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

The pet population crisis is a huge problem and the current statistics are staggering. With between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats abandoned to shelters each year, the ASPCA estimates that 5 out of 10 shelter dogs and 7 out of 10 shelter cats are euthanized across the United States annually.

Every year 500,000 companion animals are euthanized in California and the taxpayer will spend $250 million to shelter and euthanize dogs state-wide. In 2009, of the 83,252 cats and dogs taken in by Los Angeles County shelters, 50,692 were euthanized. Last year, Los Angeles city shelters took in 54,129 cats and dogs - 19,547 of these animals were euthanized.

The Compassion Revolution advocates an all encompassing solution to the serious issue of pet overpopulation that rejects the euthanization of large numbers of companion animals as a method of achieving results.

The most practical, immediate and effective means of tackling the crisis is through spay / neuter programs that are accessible and affordable to all pet owners, combined with the provision of the necessary tools to promote responsible pet ownership - including information and training.

To find out more information about the intiatives and support programs announced at the launch of The Compassion Revolution please read the complete press release from the conference. A copy of Katherine Heigl's speech to journalists and attendees is also available.

Katherine Heigl and the Heigl Foundation, invite all residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, to be part of the effort to address the pet overpopulation crisis through donations, volunteerism, educating others about the availability of support programs, and by simply encouraging family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues to be part of the solution by joining The Compassion Revolution.

Donate Life

For many years, Katherine has worked to help raise awareness and educate the public about organ, eye and tissue donation. In 1986, when Katherine's brother Jason was killed in a car accident, the Heigl family unanimously agreed that organ donation was the best way to preserve his legacy and help save the lives of others.

"It's hard for people to be thinking about organ donation for the first time in the midst of crisis, but organ donation is the most honorable way to preserve the memory of someone you love. I learned through difficult experience that this is the right and humanitarian thing to do. The need is always out there. Make sure the people around you know your feelings on organ donation, so your loved ones can fulfill those wishes without any doubt." Katherine Heigl, Spotlight Health - May 2002

Donate Life America is a not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and local coalitions across the United States dedicated to inspiring all people to donate life through organ and tissue donation.

Donate Life's efforts focus on the life-saving aspects of donation and encourage people to take action now to ensure their donation wishes are carried out later.

Currently more than 110,000 men, women and children await life-saving transplants in the United States and approximately every 12 minutes another name is added to the national transplant waiting list. An average of 17 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant.

For the latest donation and transplantation data, information and statistics, visit the UNOS website.

To find out how you can help to promote organ, eye and tissue donation donation please visit the Donate Life website. Your support gives hope for a second chance at life.