Zyzzyx Rd. (2006)

"Zyzzyx Rd." tells the harrowing tale of married accountant Grant (Leo Grillo) and his chance encounter while on business in Vegas with the "Lolita-esque" Marissa (Katherine Heigl) with whom he has a sexual liaison - until her murderous ex-boyfriend Joey (Tom Sizemore) shows up. Joey attempts to kill Grant and Marissa but is in turn killed by Grant and dumped in the trunk of a car. A journey to Zyzzyx Rd. on the outskirts of sin city ensues to dispose of the body. But when Grant opens the trunk, the body is gone and mayhem erupts.

Director: John Penney

Writer: John Penney

Producers: John Penney and Leo Grillo

Also Starring: Tom Sizemore, Leo Grillo and Rickey Medlocke