Vegas Dick (2003)

Vegas Dick

Vegas, Baby, Vegas. Sin City. But it’s a side of Sin City where only those in the know go to see and be seen. It’s a city filled with shakers, movers, guys holding the strings, and Dicky Barrett (Vincent Ventresca), a former con man who attempts to go straight and becomes the house detective at a swanky Las Vegas casino, in the drama Vegas Dick.

Dicky, a twentysomething, handsome, charming yet brazen valet, fakes a kidnapping where he seemingly saves the life of the hotel owner’s daughter Madeline (Katherine Heigl). The con pays off as he is richly rewarded with a hotel job of his choice: house detective. When his old crew of grifters won’t let him forget who helped him get to where he is, he is forced to juggle his new life with his former con ways. So Dicky employs the help of his marginally reliable (once a thief, always a thief) crew, including Barnes, a sexy twentysomething woman always looking for the next scam; Miguel Sanchez (Jullian Dulce Vida), who discovered his true talents when he got an electronics degree in juvenile jail; and his uncle, Clay (Elliott Gould), a good con man who is getting a little kooky in his old age.

As the new house flatfoot, Dicky can act out his dream of living the exciting life of a Vegas PI, using his skills as a former con man to bring down the bad guys.

Vegas Dick was an unaired pilot shot for UPN in the 2003 / 2004 season.

Director: Frederick King Keller

Writer: Rich Wilkes

Executive Producers: Marty Adelstein, Neal H. Moritz, Stephen Nathan and Dawn Parouse

Also Starring: Vincent Ventresca, Elliott Gould, Jack Scalia and Julian Dulce Vida