Stand-ins (1997)


Stand-ins is an insider's look at the women behind the stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Six women, who came to Hollywood with the dream of becoming famous, find themselves working as stand-ins to the glamorous stars of the era. They gather for a birthday celebration at their local watering hole. During the course of that evening, a new stand-in is introduced to the group, instigating a turn of events that will change all their lives forever.

Katherine Heigl plays Taffy Entwhistle, Rita Hayworth's stand-in, who is new to the city and has yet to learn how not to ruffle feathers.

Director: Harvey Keith

Writers: Harvey Keith and Ed Kelleher

Producers: Jon Rothschild and Roy Silver

Executive Producers: Roy Silver and Jon Rothschild

Also Starring: Daphne Zuniga, Costas Mandylor, Jordan Ladd, Charlotte Chatton, Missy Crider and Sammi Davis