My Father The Hero (1994)

My Father The Hero

In this warm-hearted romantic comedy, 14-year-old Nicole (Katherine Heigl) has graduated from Barbie dolls to boys and presumes that going on a two-week tropical island vacation with her dad André (Gérard Depardieu), is going to be a real drag. Then along comes Ben (Dalton James), a sexy young man whose good looks and charm spin Nicole headlong into impetuous, adolescent love. Suddenly, paradise seems a lot like heaven.

Determined to impress this dream-teen and find a little enchantment, Nicole gets carried away with a scheme to attract Ben's attention by appearing sophisticated and alluring. But when she fabricates an elaborate tale about her life - including the idea that André is really her lover and an international spy, masquerading as her father -- she sets into motion a comedy of errors and confusion that wreaks havoc on her budding romance as well as her father's reputation.

Calamity prevails as rumours of their "secret" relationship begin to spread, and when Nicole's pretense backfires, she comes to realize that she'll always be daddy's little sweetheart even when she's someone else's heart throb, in Touchstone Pictures' comedy, "My Father, The Hero."

Director: Steve Miner

Writers: Gérard Lauzier, Francis Veber and Charlie Peters

Producers: Jacques Bar and Jean-Louis Livi

Executive Producer: Edward S. Feldman

Also Starring: Gérard Dépardieu, Dalton James, Lauren Hutton, Faith Prince, Stephen Tobolowsky and Emma Thompson