Descendant (2003)

It is 1839 and a bloodthirsty man is struggling with a beautiful young woman, with murderous revenge in mind. A mysterious figure rushes toward a dark house to try to save the young woman, but it is too late. The mysterious man is too late and the woman is dead, her still-beating heart cut out.

Now in the present, over a hundred years later, novelist Ethan Poe (Jeremy London) is under pressure to finish his next book. Ethan is the descendant of the 19th Century master of gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe, and while Ethan struggles with the burden of finishing the novel he also feels the pressure of bearing his famous ancestor's name.

On a book tour he meets Ann Hedgerow (Katherine Heigl), a beautiful young woman who, like Ethan, can trace her ancestry to the long-dead horror writer. She's a fragile young woman, simultaneously mourning the recent death of her mother and fending off the misplaced amorous advances of her reckless brother Keifer (Matt Farnsworth). Once Ann and Ethan meet, the attraction between the beautiful young woman and the mysterious author is instantaneous, and the two begin a relationship that moves at a lightening-quick pace. Soon Ann is happy and Ethan is writing. All seems well at first, but a shadow looms over the lovers. The shadow is the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe - he visits Ethan in solitude to torture and berate him.

Deputy John Bums (Nick Stabile), Ann's childhood friend who has long held a torch for her, begins to investigate the gruesome murder of a young woman. Soon Keifer and Ann's family doctor have vanished, and Ann can't help but think that Ethan's strange behavior is somehow connected to the disappearances. What do the disappearances have to do with "The Fall of the House of Usher," and the long-ago murder of a young woman? Is Ann next? Can she save herself from Poe's dark legacy?

Directors: Kermit Christman and Del Tenney

Writers: Kermit Christman, William Katt, Del Tenney and Margot Hartman Tenney

Producers: Joyce North and Kermit Christman

Executive Producer: Del Tenney

Also Starring: Jeremy London, Nick Stabile, Whitney Dylan, Matt Farnsworth and Arie Vereen