Bug Buster (1998)

Bug Buster

When Shannon (Katherine Heigl) and her family move to the idyllic town of Mountview to get away from the pressures of city life, urban stress becomes the least of their problems. A local girl, Veronica (Meredith Salenger), is attacked by a strange creature while swimming in the town lake. Upon examining the wound, the local vet (Brenda Doumani) discovers that Veronica was attacked by a creature "unknown to science."

Tension mounts as several townspeople are found dead - their bodies infested by a strange form of insect larva. Soon the town is overrun by the mutant insects. When her parents are killed by the rampaging bugs, Shannon and her new boyfriend, Steve, attempt to escape, but the town, on the brink of destruction, has been sealed off by the National Guard.

The surviving townsfolk await the arrival of their last hope: legendary Bug Buster General George (Randy Quaid), the former military General turned pest eliminator whose zany TV ads promise to "Kick Bug Ass". Now it's a race against time as General George, the town Sheriff (James Doohan) and genetic scientist Dr. Fujimoto (George Takei) must trace the creepy creatures to their source and save the town from total annihilation...

Director: Lorenzo Doumani

Writer: Malick Khoury

Producer: Lorenzo Doumani

Executive Producer: Steven R. Stevens

Also Starring: Randy Quaid, Meredith Salenger, James Doohan, George Takei, Bernie Kopell and Brenda Doumani