The music video for Josh Kelley's new song "Busy Making Memories" is very much a family affair, with Katherine Heigl joining her husband in collaborating on the concept, editing and directing, as well as featuring in treasured family memories and adventures at their home in Utah.

The couple sat down for a chat over a cup of coffee to talk with Taste Of Country about about how they created the video.

It all started on New Years Day 2019 when Kelley wrote the song, watching the couple's three children — Naleigh, Adalaide and Joshua — play on their ranch near Park City, Utah, while Heigl captured footage of their interactions on her phone. Later that day, after going on a hike with their two daughters, Heigl started uploading clips into iMovie, with Kelley taking on the first round of editing. But Heigl stepped in for phase two of the process, making it a point to match the lyrics to the emotion of such clips as the family at the ranch, along with a vacation to the beach and Kelley and Heigl learning how to salsa dance on a gorgeous waterfront.

"What I love so much about the video is that it is so personal," Heigl, who also edited Kelley's video for "I'm on Fire," reflects. "It's very real. It's very much our experience of our family and our kids and the memories that have really stuck with us and the moments we have really wanted to celebrate."

The song is out now to buy on all streaming platforms.