For the July edition of American Way, American Airlines in-flight magazine Katherine revealed her fondest travel moments, including her recent relocation to Toronto to film legal drama Suits.

Katherine Heigl As Samantha Wheeler In Suits


I'm not much of an impromptu traveler, but I’m trying to be. My husband and I decided to go to Napa Valley for his birthday a couple of years ago. We bought tickets and left the next day, which is so unusual for me. It was the first time that my husband and I were alone, just the two of us, in probably 10 years. It was so much fun, especially if you're a foodie like me.


I just moved to Toronto to film Suits, and mostly what I've done on my time off is eat. That is my favorite thing to do in every city. I've already found some really mesmerizing restaurants. Zucca Trattoria is incredible. My girlfriend came to visit, and we ate at Planta, a vegan restaurant near where I’m living. I’m not vegan – not even a little bit – but I really enjoyed it.

Katherine Heigl As Samantha Wheeler In Suits


I had been teaching my kids how to swim because there's water all around us where we live in Utah. It's stressful. They finally swam on their own during a vacation in Mexico because I just let go of them. At first, my oldest daughter was freaking out and started paddling towards the edge of the pool. Her crying turned into hysterical laughter because she realized, "Wait. I am floating. I am in control." They are like little fish now. They can spend all day in the pool.


When I was around 22, I bought The French Laundry Cookbook. I loved trying to make Thomas Keller's dishes. I had been thinking about his restaurant French Laundry for 10 years. Finally, when we were in Napa, I got to go. It was a dream. A dinner there is about the price of an iPad, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you love food.

Katherine Heigl As Samantha Wheeler In Suits



I bring a small pouch of crystals I can set up in any hotel room. I love using them to set an intention in the morning. It just makes a space that isn’t mine a little homier.


It's awesome that you can download books on an iPad and not have to bring them in a suitcase, but I really prefer paperback. It's just too difficult to read in the sun. I pack about five books but only read one and a half.

Knitting Project

I usually bring a knitting project that's easy enough to fit in my carry-on bag. I'm not going to try to knit a big kaftan or anything; it's usually a neck warmer or a small sweater, scarf or hat for my kids.


There is a children's gift shop at the Salt Lake City airport. I usually buy the kids a small gift to get them to be nice on the plane, like a coloring book or a toy that'll fit into their backpacks. It's all about bribing, really.