Moderation is the key to parenting for Katherine Heigl, as she explained to People in an interview for last weeks issue of the entertainment magazine.

Katherine Heigl with daughters Naleigh and Adalaide

She was chatting with the publication about her new gig on Suits, and some rules she and husband Josh Kelley think are important when it comes to their three children.

"The girls are really into iPads. It’s not good. I need to curtail it, though I have to say, so much of that use is reading," says Heigl, 39. "They’re reading, they’re playing educational games. I don’t allow them to scroll through YouTube videos and stuff; I put some limits on that."

"But it’s not as mind-numbing as we all are afraid it is," she adds of screen time.

Josh Kelley Snr. and Josh Kelley Jr.

One recent incident put the situation in perspective, as Heigl’s daughters and teenage niece Madison were sitting around the living room, engrossed in their devices. "I was like, ‘None of us are connecting or communicating,'" she recalls. "And then I went, ‘Oh, wait a minute — Naleigh and Madison are playing Words With Friends against each other, so essentially they’re playing Scrabble, just without the board on the table. Adalaide is coloring on her iPad, Josh is reading the news and I’m reading a book."

"We’re all doing things that we would be doing to entertain ourselves, we’re just doing them differently than we did them 20 years ago. It’s okay. It’s not the end of civilization as we know it, I promise."

Catch Season 8 of Suits at 9pm ET on USA Network. For more from Katherine's interview, check out the latest issue of PEOPLE.