The New York Times previews the season 8 premiere of Suits in a feature article with new series regulars Dulé Hill, Amanda Schull and Katherine Heigl. For both Hill and Schull, their recurring characters - Alex Williams and Katrina Bennett, have been promoted to permanent fixtures, but the arrival of an enterprising, disruptive lawyer named Samantha Wheeler, portrayed by Katherine, is entirely new.

Katherine Heigl, Dulé Hill and Amanda Schull

A protégé of Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), viewers first meet Samantha not in a courtroom or a corporate office, but as a ruthless aggressor in a kickboxing ring, a sign that for all her beauty and brilliance, she is foremost an aggressive, formidable player as Robert and Harvey engage in power struggles at the firm.

Katherine has long been a fan of the show and showrunner Aaron Korsh's knack for creating strong female characters. “They know who they are and are at ease in their own skin and don’t take [expletive],” Katherine explained. "When they apologize, they mean it. I don’t know how many times a day I apologize when I don’t have anything to apologize for."

Gabriel Macht, who has played leading character Harvey Specter since the beginning of Suits, explained that Katherine had adapted quickly to the brisk banter of the show. "Katie brings incredible charisma, humor, groundedness and stability, and she gets the syntax and rhythm of the show immediately. That new energy makes it a reboot," he explained of the new season. "Also the infighting at the law firm – how we can love to hate each other, how we can each win to become the insider we all are striving to be."

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