Promoting the April 21 release of her new movie Unforgettable, Katherine visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, for some late night TV show chat.

Katherine Heigl

The conversation opened with Katherine talking to Jimmy about her 4-month-old baby boy Joshua Jr. and the difficulty that she had in finding the right name for him. It turned out that husband Josh Kelley may have inadvertently delayed the process!

The discussion continued with family life in Utah and the many animals that live on Katherine's ranch and share her home. She also revealed the many challenges of shooting a TV show while pregnant.

With the premiere of Katherine's new thriller Unforgettable taking place later that the evening, Kimmel turned back the clock to when Katherine was just 16 and attending one of her first big red carpet events for Under Siege 2.

Watch the whole episode and Katherine's interview in full on the official Jimmy Kimmel Live! website at ABC.

Katherine Heigl