In an extensive interview for the cover feature of the March/April issue of Healthy Living Magazine, Katherine Heigl talks about her movies, pregnancy, family, adoption and health tips, with Fashion and Beauty Editor Yana Mandeville.

Katherine Heigl On The Cover Of Healthy Living Magazine

HL: Who's your dream actor or actress to play opposite?

Katherine Heigl: I would love to work with Shirley MacLaine someday. I've been a huge fan, love her work and love her presence. I would love to work with Sally Field. I would love to work with Amy Adams someday.

HL: Your new movie Unforgettable is coming out this April. Playing a villain must be a dream come true for actors who are caught in sweetheart roles. How was it for you?

Katherine Heigl: It was a fascinating experience. And in a weird way, a little bit freeing to play somebody who is not going bend over backwards to make people like her or to please everyone. She is very, very self-interested—I don't recommend it. I don't think it's healthy but it was very interesting to be a tough ass for a little while. She is definitely very flawed, but I had a lot of sympathy for her as well and felt I'm kind of on her side honestly, despite her poor choices. I had a great time and it was wonderful to work with Rosario who is fantastic and I loved playing opposite her. I loved having a female director, Denise Di Novi, for this particular role and this particular story. It was a unique and wonderful experience.

HL: Tell us something about your lifestyle that you're most proud of?

Katherine Heigl: My fans and people know that, before I got pregnant, I was a smoker. I started it like a jerk when I was 25, which my mother gave me such a hard time about: "Well, you made it through high school, and your early 20s, and all that peer pressure. Why would you start smoking when you're old enough to know better?" Obviously I wasn't and I did, and it became a real issue for me. I had a hard time quitting. And the day I found out I was pregnant was the last cigarette I smoked. I immediately went to a hypnotist to help me quit because in the past I had such a hard time with it. I literally never had another one. It was not easy but it was not horrible. I didn't have crazy withdrawal or awful mood swings. I was able to just let it go and I don't know that I had a very important reason to let it go that was bigger than just me or if I finally was ready or if the hypnotist was that amazing but maybe it was a combination of all of that. Right now that's the thing I'm the most proud of is that I know I'm not going go back to it, and I was able to let go of this awful habit. I feel so much better not only about myself emotionally, but physically so much healthier and better. I'm so happy not to have this addiction hanging over my head.

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