On screen Katherine will soon be playing an unstable and psychotic ex in Unforgettable, but offscreen Family Circle discovered she is a typical knitting-happy, Etsy-loving, scrapbooking mother of three, in a feature for the April 2017 issue of the lifestyle magazine.

Heigl Star - Family Circle Magazine (April 2017) Bubba Watson is our rescue boxer. Josh named him after his favorite golfer! (Photo: Cheyenne Ellis)

Shake It Up

"For a few years, my husband [musician Josh Kelley] and I got into a routine. We'd put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and watch Netflix. That was our way to decompress and connect. But sometimes you really need to go beyond relaxing with Netflix and do something a little more extravagant."

Heart's Desire

"Showing my daughters [Adalaide, 4, and Naleigh, 8] that it's okay to have a passion outside of your family has always been important to me. I've chosen a career that brings me a certain amount of pride and fulfills a creative urge. Whatever they choose to do—whether being a stay-at-home mom or a doctor – I want them to have that."

Love and Happiness

"Adoption has never been an issue in my family. It's always been a blessing. I would be so grateful if people stopped referring to my daughters as adopted. We don't qualify them that way. We don't say, ‘Here are our adopted daughters and here's our biological child [Joshua, 3 months].' That's not at all how our family functions."

My Favorite Things

  • "Every Sunday, my mother and I take Naleigh to a knitting store for a lesson. She's doing exceptionally well."
  • "Like every other crafting woman, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I'm also crazy about Etsy—all that great stuff!"
  • "This sounds so nerdy, but I used to scrapbook. I have our wedding invitations and things saved from when the girls came into our lives. I've kept it all and intend to scrapbook it…one day."
  • "I read Jessi Klein's You'll Grow Out of It on set and was just laughing out loud. You feel like you're having drinks with a girlfriend and getting the lowdown. It's amazing."

The April issue of Family Circle is out now.