Katherine Heigl spoke to Extra's Renee Bargh recently about her new TV show, Doubt and the new addition to her family, baby boy Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr.

Katherine Heigl - Extra

Gushing over her new bundle of joy, "He's fantastic, he's delicious, it's really fun," Katherine explained that her girls Naleigh and Adalaide are enjoying their roles as big sisters. "They are such little mommies... They really want to get involved. They want to stand over me while I change his diaper and point out what I'm doing wrong, they want to feed him, burp him, they want to give him his pacifier and cover him and rock him."

She also spoke about the pressures of losing weight gained during pregnancy in the entertainment industry. "I was really nervous about it because when you are an actor you have to bounce back, and there is this pressure!" She went on, "And my whole philosophy at this point was to just not beat myself into submission and to just give myself a break and [my body] kind of responded better to that than trying to go extreme and work out or eat 200 calories a day or whatever crazy diet… I feel like my body just knew what to do and it was better than expected, which was nice."

As for shooting a lot of steamy love scenes when she was pregnant, she commented, "That was so awkward. Steven [Pasquale] was such a dream about that, though — he was like, 'I think it's sexy. I love a pregnant woman,' and I was like, 'You're so nice.' To find that moment sexy when you've got a big basketball between you and it's not his baby."