During her guest appearance on CBS Daytime show The Talk on Wednesday, February 15, Katherine discussed her unexpected pregnancy, shared some adorable photos of baby Joshua Jr., and revealed some of the tricks producers used to disguise her growing bump on new legal drama Doubt.

Katherine Heigl On The Talk

"It was a surprise and I was about to go back to work and as an actress you usually don't want get pregnant before you go back right back to work and you're on camera, playing a character who's not pregnant" Katherine explained of her unexpected news.

She also revealed how husband Josh Kelley first found out the news. "He was on tour with his brother at the time and I just felt something was kind of funny. I'm actually into crystal healing... well I have this pendulum and I asked the pendulum first if I was pregnant and it said no so I believed that for like three days and then I went 'something is off' and I took a pregnancy test and that said 'yes'! So I woke up and said I gotta tell him [Josh]...His first reaction was, 'I am so excited'...it all worked out."

Katherine was pregnant throughout the entire duration of the shoot for Doubt, and as her baby bump grew producers had to come up with inventive ways to hide it from the cameras. Laughing, Katherine said "They started to use shorter background actors to stand in front of me... so we were talking over their shoulders... or they would be walking perfectly in front of me!"

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