Katherine Heigl has revealed that playing her character Sadie Ellis on Doubt, left her feeling inspired. Let the shows leading lady explain why:

Sadie is a quick-witted attorney at the boutique law firm of Roth & Associates, who has devoted much of her life to challenging the status quo in the justice system.

"I love Sadie’s idealism," Heigl said. "I think for her to do what she does and to believe in the inherent goodness in people and their inherent innocence, she has to be a bit of an idealist."

Katherine Heigl Stars In Doubt on CBS

While she typically buries herself in her work, Sadie newly finds herself in a personal and professional dilemma when she begins to fall for her client, Billy Brennan (Steven Pasquale), who was recently accused of murdering his girlfriend over two decades ago.

As Katherine suggested, it seems Sadie’s optimism "can also get her into trouble!",

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