Entertainment Tonight visited the set of Doubt, Katherine Heigl's upcoming legal drama, to discuss the new CBS show – which is set to debut mid-season.

Katherine Heigl Interview With Entertainment Tonight

Leanne Aguilera caught up with Katherine in the courtroom and she revealed that she had been having difficulty remembering the legal terminology in the script because of her 'pregnancy brain'. "Usually I'm pretty good at memorizing. I can do that pretty quickly. It's like the only thing I've got," she joked, "So it's really been eye-opening to me to struggle with that."

Katherine also placed the blame for her newly discovered cravings for sweets and treats on her baby, laughing, "It's lovely actually because I feel absolutely no responsibility for my behavior at all. It's great!", as she revealed her struggle to stop eating the wide variety of donuts readily available on set.

Hiding her growing baby bump on camera has also proved to be a challenge, with the production crew coming up with some very subtle ways to cover it up. " Today was really impressive," she shared. "I had to come up to my desk and I didn't know that they had strategically placed [a desk lamp]. They were like, 'Katie, would you mind taking a small step to your right?' And I looked down and this lamp was right there. That's clever."

Doubt also stars Laverne Cox, Dule Hill, Steven Pasquale, Dreama Walker, Kobi Libii and Elliot Gould.