Katherine Heigl attended the CBS, CW and Showtime Summer TCA Party at the Pacific Design Center on August 10, in West Hollywood, as the cast of Doubt rounded off their day promoting the new legal drama to the press.

Katherine Heigl CBS Summer TCA Party

Wearing a figure hugging white cut-out Christian Siriano dress and Casadei heels, accessorized with a Lee Savage clutch and jewelry from EF Collection and Plukka, Katherine took to the red carpet for the first time since announcing her pregnancy, posing for pictures with her co-stars and husband Josh Kelley.

Katherine Heigl CBS Summer TCA Party

Earlier in the day Katherine spoke with reporters, who were eager for a pregnancy update and to discover how she was hiding her bump while shooting scenes for Doubt.

"I feel great! I am very, very grateful, actually, because you never know. I've had a really easy – knock on wood – pregnancy so far. Just tired and hungry" she explained.

"Thankfully I don't really have many symptoms," she told ET's Leanne Aguilera. "I'm just really hungry", revealing revealed that she's craving mostly sweets. "I wake up every morning really wanting a donut... or ten!"

"The sugar thing has been really bad, and I'm not generally a sugar person," the actress admitted to E! "I mean, on occasion I'll have dessert, but every day – I mean, if you put a cinnamon roll in front of me, it could get ugly."

Katherine told the TCA panel that things will be different now that a baby boy is entering the family. "I think Josh is hugely relieved. He's just surrounded by women. It's me, the two girls, we also, my niece, Madison, lives with us in Utah and she's a 14-year-old girl. And then my mom, my mom and I are so close and partners, too, in business, so she's always around. Poor guy. He's literally surrounded by women so I think he's really excited. His brother had a baby last February, a little boy named Ward," she added, noting that the Kelley brothers are already excited to play golf with their little ones, "They're already talking about their foursome."

"[Josh] has been wonderful. The other day I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a really sweet note from the kids that I'm sure he made them write. The other morning he brought me coffee with my breakfast as I was trying to get ready to run to work early. I think he's mostly like what can I do? Because I'm pregnant and hormonal and nothing is good enough."

Katherine also told ET that her new role on Doubt feels like "a combination of a lot of different characters" she's played in the past, only with a little more perspective. "It's been really fun to play her because she does, on some level, feel familiar," she explained. "But, because of age and experience, there's a level of intelligence and sophistication to her that I haven't always gotten to play."

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley

Taking to social media to post a picture with Josh from the party, Katherine said "Had the most wonderful day talking about my new show Doubt. Can't wait for you all to see it! Thank you to my amazing man Josh Kelley for coming with me and showering me with love and support!"

Look out for Doubt mid-season on CBS!