In 2005 Katherine Heigl first met her husband Josh Kelley, when she starred in the music video for his song Only You. Fast-forward to 2016 and the couple have teamed up again for the release of the singer-songwriter's latest single It's Your Move.

Entertainment Tonight joined the duo on the set of the new video to talk about their collaboration, which Katherine not only starred in, but also directed.

"I think it was a year or two after we first got married, we got into our first real big fight. One of those, like, really, really serious fights," Kelley says of the song's inspiration.

"No one cheated, no one did anything that was an absolute game-ender," Heigl told ET. "It was just that we were starting to forget that we were supposed to be on each other's sides... and I won't lie, there was probably a little bit too much drinking going on, and so then the fights escalate and the miscommunication and the hurt feelings."

"He came home and played [the song] for me and I went, 'Oh, that's how you feel. That's what you mean and that's where you're at emotionally' and it was so crazy to me," she recalls. "I think it was the first time I fully understood, 'Oh, Josh,' you think he's not feeling all these complicated emotions, he's just kinda being a dude about a lot of stuff, and then he comes in with this gorgeous poetry and this heartfelt emotion. I realized, 'Oh, that's how I can understand what Josh is thinking and feeling. That's how I have to touch in with him, through his music'."

"Obviously, we worked it out, thank goodness," Katherine added. "But it's so interesting to be here now, you know, kinda full circle," referring to how they met 11 years ago.

"I remember showing up like, 'Ooh, I'm single, I've never dated a musician. This could be fun!'" Heigl teases. "I was excited to meet him and he was like, 'Hey, thanks for being here. Appreciate you being here. We're gonna have a fun day.' I was like, 'OK, guess that's not gonna happen. There will be no flirting or fun or maybe a makeout session later, like, this guy's not interested.' But as the day went on, his nerves kinda lessened. We started dating that day and never stopped."

"It was hard not to notice the fact that she's super-hot," Kelley quipped. "Then when we started doing our scenes together, we just had this chemistry and, I don't know, it was this weird, sort of unspoken connection. We've literally been together since that day. I remember after the video shoot, I asked her out to dinner and we just kinda hit it off – very organic and very effortless."

It's Your Move is also featured on Josh Kelley's forthcoming full-length album, New Lane Road, which is out April 22.