Walter is a very special dog.

Water once lived in a household with several canine siblings. One day, Walter was attacked by his brother. Walter was so badly injured, he could barely walk. A neighbor spotted the injured Walter and alerted animal control.

A Plea For Walter

Animal control arrived and ordered Walter’s owner, who we’ll call Jerry, to bring Walter to the vet immediately. Jerry assured animal control that he would… but he didn’t.

Two days later, animal control followed up to make sure Walter had gotten the treatment he needed. Instead, they found Walter unable to stand, with his wounds still untreated and packed with gauze. The horrible stench in the room alerted the officers that Walter had a terrible infection. They seized Walter and took him to the shelter. Walter was immediately rushed into surgery to repair his wounds.

All in all, Walter had to undergo four surgeries to try to repair his wounds. The shelter medical staff were worried that they may have to amputate a limb. But soon, that wasn’t the biggest concern. Walter’s liver was having trouble filtering his blood of the infection, and was beginning to fail. Katherine’s animal welfare charity, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, pulled Walter out of the shelter and took him to a private Vet Hospital. There Walter received additional treatment and he and the doctors fought hard for his life. After three days of hospitalization, Walter recovered. He had pulled through and escaped death!

Walter, though terribly scarred, recovered fully from the fight of his life, so the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation secured a place for him at an adoption/training facility in Longmont, Colorado. Walter, a staff favorite at the facility, waited patiently for a year for the perfect family to come along. The facility staff couldn’t understand why it was taking so long. Walter was very sweet and was serving as a ‘greeter’ for shelter visitors.

A Plea For Walter

Two days ago, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation received word from the facility that Walter was very sick and may need to go to an emergency veterinary hospital. Foundation staff were shocked. Checking on him regularly, the last update the JDHF received had indicated that Walter was doing very well. The Heigl team were planning on moving him from Longmont to work on finding him a forever home and had not heard of Walter being sick at all. Then the JDHF were told that Walter seemed to be doing better, but decided not to take any chances. A wonderful friend of the Foundation, Dave, who lives in Colorado, was soon on his way to take Walter to a veterinary hospital.

When Dave arrived, he was horrified by Walter’s condition. Dave rushed Walter to the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where he had to carry him into the hospital. The staff at Wheat Ridge went right to work, putting Walter in an oxygen chamber, starting him on fluids, and running tests. They couldn’t imagine what was wrong. Did Walter eat something he shouldn’t have? Did he get into some sort of poison? What could it be?

A Plea For Walter

Walter was diagnosed with a raging case of pneumonia. The vets surmised that he may have inhaled his own vomit into his lungs. Heigl Foundation staff still don’t know why Walter was vomiting, only that he was in very bad shape. The Foundation instructed the hospital to do all they could for Walter, but Walter continued to deteriorate and the hospital said that he may not make it. It was Nancy and Katherine Heigl’s decision to not give up on him and they approved putting Walter on a ventilator to give him a couple more days for a new strong antibiotic to work.

The Heigl Foundation is making a last ditch effort to save Walter’s life. He is currently sedated and on a ventilator, and is not suffering, but everyone is hoping and praying that staff can keep him going long enough for the new medications to kick in and start to clear the fluid in his lungs.

Walter never really had the opportunity for his own person or family to be praying and sending him positive energy and thoughts. We are now sending out a plea for any of you who have loved or love an animal to say a little Walter prayer and put that and your hopes for his recovery into the universe. He is a fighter and we want him to know that he is not fighting alone. And we believe he will know!

Walter has been so patiently waiting for what he so desperately deserves – loving owners who know how special he is – something that has eluded him his whole life. He has managed to escape death once before and the JDHF team are all praying that Walter can do it again, that he has one last fight in him.

The Heigl Foundation needs your support and prayers to help save this very special dog’s life. Please consider making a donation to help with Walter’s care. Thank you!