Katherine Heigl Attends 17th Annual Day Of Indulgence Summer Party

On Sunday, August 16th, Katherine Heigl was a guest at producer Jennifer Klein's 17th Annual Day Of Indulgence Summer Party.

The star studded celebrity event is an all-girls day of pampering, filled with shopping, sweet treats, and luxurious spa treatments.

Famous faces in attendance included Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, Kaley Cuoco, Tyra Banks, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Faris, Sofia Vergara, Kristen Bell, Lea Michelle, Kerry Washington, Nicole Scherzinger and Rebel Wilson.

While Katherine's new platinum blonde locks have garnered a lot of attention recently, InStyle magazine, who were on location reporting on proceedings, caught up with Katherine to chat about her beauty regime.

Katherine revealed that she has been using Pinterest to make her own skin care products, and that they had proved to be big hit with friends and family.

"Yes, I am making my own products. I started doing this because in Utah it is so dry that my face cleansers were really irritating my skin,"l she explained. "I'm using jojoba oil and avocado oil and apricot oil, and then you add whatever essential oils you want. You use that to clean your face. It breaks all the makeup down and leaves it feeling dewy."

Katherine also creates her own elixir for dry, sensitive and itchy skin as well as discoloration and hyper pigmentation.

"I researched that on Pinterest and started making something with brown sugar and coconut milk, clove oil, and nutmeg," she revealed. "It smells amazing and you could eat it. You leave it on your face for five minutes, and I do feel like it is brightening my skin and helping. Regardless it is a good exfoliator. My niece lives with me and my nanny and I'm like, 'you guys need to try this oil. I'm going to make you each some cleansers.".