Katherine Heigl will attend the red carpet sceening of the documentary Saved In America on Saturday, August 15th at the Regency Theater in Agoura Hills.

Saved In America

Saved In America is the story of animal lover and filmmaker Kim Sill's five year journey rescuing animals while coming face-to-face with animal abusers, hoarders, gang members and puppy mill owners. It showcases everyday heroes who spend their time and resources saving animals from death row.

From undercover investigations to peaceful protests throughout LA, Kim Sill spent an entire year bringing about awareness of pet shops selling puppy mill dogs. What she found was shocking and led her to ask why half a billion dollars a year is raised in the name of animal welfare yet grassroot rescues in America's communities do not see any of this money?

"Anyone who loves or has loved a pet should see this film; it exposes the pet industry, the animal welfare system, and will open your eyes about how all of us must come together to make a change," said Katherine Heigl.

Kim met many people on her journey including Pink, Cesar Millan, “Dr.” Phil, Kim Kardashian, and Katherine Heigl, all of whom make appearances in the film to help raise awareness about America's homeless pet population. Thousands of animals are saved along Kim Sill's way as she documents her story and discovers America has two nasty little secrets.

First, that almost all of those cute puppies that are sold in pet stores come from "puppy mills". Their mothers spend their entire lives in tiny, unsanitary cages, never walked, never petted, never doing anything but making puppies. Second, that many Americans would rather look the other way than to see what is happening in the animal rescue world.

Screenings will take place at the Regency Theater in Agoura Hills, August 14 through August 20 at noon each day, with the special red carpet screening on August 15.

Joining Katherine at Saturday's showing will be Nancy Heigl and Jason Debus Heigl Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Brent, who will conduct a Q & A session after the event.

All proceeds from the showing of Saved In America at the Regency Theater Agoura Hills August 14-20, 2015 will be donated to small organizations who are out there working for animal rights every day.

Friday, August 14 – Shelter Hope Pet Shop
Saturday, August 15 – Jason Debus Heigl Foundation
Sunday, August 16 – The Brittany Foundation
Monday, August 17 – Eastwood Ranch Foundation
Tuesday, August 18 – Hope For Paws
Wednesday, August 19 – Bound Angels
Thursday, August 20 – SPCALA

For move information about the movie please visit the official web site for Saved In America.