Not everything always runs smoothly at a press junket! During an interview with Andrew Freund of the Associated Press, Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes were discussing Jackie & Ryan, when something Ben said triggered uncontrollable laughter. Check it out!

The duo continued the fun and humor as they chatted with BuzzFeed about their indie drama, taking part in a game to find out how much they knew about each other.

On a more serious note, Cinebites host Tim Cogshell talked with the Jackie & Ryan stars about their romantic drama, a film that portrays a woman trapped in her life and a man committed to the road and music.

We Got This Covered host Jami Philbrick explored the relatonship between the two lead characters and was interested to find out Katherine and Ben's perspective on the story.

German media outlet Bunte TV also interviewed Katherine and Ben about the movie, which was released in select theaters and to video on demand on July 3.