Wisdom In Beauty caught up with State Of Affairs Hair Department Head Katherine Rees and Makeup Department Head Carmé Tenuta to discuss their work on the show, in particular with leading lady Katherine Heigl.

State Of Affairs

What do you love about working on this new show with heavy hitters such as Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard?

Rees: First of all, it is such an honor to be working on this show. The chemistry between Katherine and Alfre is amazing. When you put such talented women together portraying powerful characters, the show takes on a life of its own. Katherine channels her character with minute detail. The hairstyles her character would wear are one element in character development and Alfre has a clear vision about how the ruler of the free world would choose to present herself. So as long as I can realize the vision of the actors and producers, I feel like I have done my job well.

Tenuta: I love everything about this show. Working with Katie Heigl has definitely been one of the highlights of my career. She is truly a dream in so many ways. I can paint that face all day every day. She is pleasant, so professional, no drama and always on point – just truly a dream. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be working with her on such a dynamic show. Alfre has her own people, however having Alfre grace our show with her presence and talent makes for the perfect spice and blend a show needs.

Katherine Heigl told the online magazine that working with both women had been a wonderful experience. "Carmé and Katherine have been with me and my character Charleston, for the past 6 months and it's been an absolute joy for me to collaborate with them on bringing Charlie's look to life! They understand what the character needs to look like in each given situation and have helped shape each look in a way that feels honest, believable and fresh! These two ladies make me look good even when we're starting work at 5 or 6am which is no small feat! It's been a true pleasure having them with me for State of Affairs, I could not be Charleston without them!"

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