If you missed Katherine's latest Q & A session on her Facebook page check out the transcript from Monday afternoon's discussion!

Katherine Heigl Facebook Q & A


Han Xiang Chen: Do you wake up all bright and shiny or more dark and twisted?

Katherine Heigl: Hmmm...probably more hazy and out of it! My daughter's know that I'm good for nothing until I've had my first cup of Yerba Mate!

Han Xiang Chen: Which episode are you shooting now?

Katherine Heigl: We're shooting 12 of 13, so only a few more weeks to go before our work for the season is over!!

Katarzyna Balkowska: Do you play guitar ? I see one behind you.

Katherine Heigl: HA! I had to try to learn a little for a film I did with the amazing Ben Barnes called Jackie & Ryan but I don't play more than a few cords and even those, not very well! That guitar was a gift from my husband Josh Kelley that he got signed by one of my all time favorite performers THE GREAT NEIL DIAMOND!

Monica Puglisi: Are we going to survive tonight's episode of #stateofaffairs with all the #narly hotness?

Katherine Heigl: You will, but some may not!!

Monica Puglisi: If Pegasus still flies, why did fatah kill aaron?

Katherine Heigl: You'll seeeeeeee....

Adam Danser: What is your absolute favorite film or tv project that you have worked on?

Katherine Heigl: State Of Affairs is probably the best television experience I've had because I was a part of the concept from the very beginning and the level of involvement I've had with bringing it to life makes it that much more precious to me, but overall I've had incredible experiences on everything I've ever done, including Bride of Chucky!!

Monica Hadad-Ruz: CIA agent at work and mom at home? Which job is harder?

Katherine Heigl: Mom at home!! Playing a character on TV or in film can be demanding and stressful but nothing matters more to me than being a good mom so the pressure of that role far outweighs everything else I do!!

Melissa Ball: One of my favourite actresses . Has there been a role in a movie you have turned down and regretted ? X

Katherine Heigl: There have been roles I auditioned for and lost that I regret but can't think of any that I've turned down and regretted.

Lisa Liberman Orelove: Did you do anything special for the holidays?

Katherine Heigl: I spent my holiday break at my home in Utah with my family...it was busy, too quick and wonderful!

Sarah Boucher Gratton: If you could choose anyone to do a guess appearance on #StateOfAffairs who would it be?

Katherine Heigl: I would love my good friend T.R Knight! We would have the time of our lives I just know it!!

Ka Kiu Chan Hi: Katherine My name is Ryan and i am your fans from Hong Kong (and btw I've just watched your movie 27 Dresses few days ago and I love it). Back to the topic, how would you compare your role Charlie in State of Affaris with CIA women in other movies and dramas (such as Maya in Zero Dark Thirty)?

Katherine Heigl: I think that what I take from other great women who have played a CIA agent or analyst in film or TV is their portrayal of strength, commitment and patriotism.

Mary Beth Perini: Did you film the truth serum scene in one take? That was intense.

Katherine Heigl: Oh lord no! That took hours to film! But I love you for thinking I could pull it off in one take!

Sarah Boucher Gratton: What is the hardest thing about filming #StateOfAffairs?

Katherine Heigl: I'd have to say the most difficult scenes to perform and keep engaging are the ops center scenes. We tend to film all those scenes in one day and it's a small room with only one direction for the actors to be looking in, so it's hard to keep it fresh and exciting. The rest of the cast makes it incredibly fun and they keep spirits high with their sense of humors and camaraderie! We've also started playing the game Movie Star/Movie and that keeps us entertained for hours!

Cathina Marie Clinton-Hourani: I love your show and watch it every week, however my husband refuses, he says it portrays Muslims negatively. How do would you address his concerns?

Katherine Heigl: I would tell him to be patient and see how the season unfolds...we aren't portraying Muslims negatively but rather terrorism in all forms...Charleston is trying to protect the ideals of the Muslim religion by eradicating those who hold it hostage.

Õmâÿ Mâ Bémrí: Say hi to me and to my cousin Hiba please we will be very happy

Katherine Heigl: Hi Õmâÿ Mâ Bémrí and Hiba!

Sarah Boucher Gratton: Are you on set right now?? Who's with you? #StateOfAffairs

Katherine Heigl: Not right now. I am at home. Due back on set tomorrow! Can't wait.

Kristyna Zemlova: Hello Kath, an honour to have the possibility to ask. SOA became very quickly my favourite series.
Q1: How many seasons of SOA planned right now?
Q2: Are you coming to Europe in near future? Any other possibility to reach you? My big dream to meet face to face. (I am from Czech Republic in central Europe)
Thank you sooo much. Have a nice day!!

Katherine Heigl: Right now we don't know how many seasons there will be but hopefully many! I'm sure if the show continues I will have the opportunity to come to Europe and promote the show which would be a thrill for me!

Simo Chaby: What's your favourite color ?

Katherine Heigl: Orange

Katie Penfold: I think you are a brilliant actress, what was the 1st film you made x

Katherine Heigl: Thank you!! The first film I ever made was called That Night

Jessica E Harms: Adopting ... any advice for single women who would like to adopt? On a side note, you are an inspiration to women everywhere! Wishing you much continued success in 2015!

Katherine Heigl: Thank you! I would say that having children no matter how you choose to do that, is the most rewarding, challenging, and joyful experiences of a mother's life. Adoption can be a long and strenuous experience, but so very very worth it in the end! Just stay patient and purposeful! I wish you luck and love on your journey!

Christie Hollenbeck: You seem to have really great chemistry with the rest of the cast (on screen)...how are things behind the scene?

Katherine Heigl: I'm making an iMovie music video right now that I'm gonna release soon just for fun, I think it shows how much fun we all have together between takes and behind the scenes! I could not do this show without them and am so incredibly grateful to not only get to perform with them, but to get to just hang and laugh with them everyday!

Jaime Navarrette: Can you say hi to my wifey she's a big fan Veronica Quiroz?

Veronica Quiroz: I will fall over dead on my desk if she replies!

Katherine Heigl: Okay I was going to reply but I don't want Veronica's death on my hands...

Jaime Navarrette: Thank you Katherine Heigl!!

Katherine Heigl: Please don't fall over dead! But HI!!!!

Sarah Boucher Gratton: Do you prefer to film sad, happy or action scenes?

Katherine Heigl: The beauty of acting is the opportunity to play a million different emotions! It keeps things interesting and challenging! The scenes I find the most difficult are the ones where I have to deliver information in an unemotional or unbiased way...that can be tough when I'm used to trying to bring emotion into the scene or delivery!

Juan Manuel Alonso: As a non English native, I must say that your tone, voice and accent makes it incredibly easy to understand you & your character without subtitles... have you ever taken diction / speech classes?

Katherine Heigl: I haven't but that's hugely flattering of you to say! Thank you!

Nicola Trussardi: Would You Marry Me? ??

Katherine Heigl: Would you mind having a brother husband?

Michael Sumalpong Ecaldre: Have ever try to go out a date with an Asian guy?

Katherine Heigl: I never had the opportunity...but I do have an Asian sister and an Asian daughter...so had I not met Josh Kelley I could certainly have seen myself with an Asian guy!

Megan Gibson: Have you even been to Canada?

Katherine Heigl: I have! I've worked in Toronto and Vancouver! Loved both experiences there!

Kristina Mullis: Love the show! What kind of research or training did you have to do for this particular role?

Katherine Heigl: I have the very good fortune of working with two of our executive producers who are ex CIA and they provide a tremendous amount of support, info, and guidance! I also work with dialect coaches to learn the different languages and tomorrow I'm headed to the gun range to practice my shooting skills...