On Screen Style caught up with State Of Affairs Makeup Department Head Carme Tenuta for the lowdown on Katherine's makeup for her role as Charlie Tucker in the CIA drama.

Katherine Heigl As Charleston 'Charlie' Tucker In State Of Affairs

"Charlie has basically three characters," Carme told OSS in a phone interview. "One is her going to work look, which is when she meets with her team and they prep her on what's going on with the world. That's her basic look."

The second is when goes in and meets with the President (Alfre Woodard). "That look is a little more sophisticated, a little more professional, so we bump up the look a little more."

Finally, is Charlie's glamour look (read: when she's attend state dinners and other fancy schmancy special events). "That look is bumped up more with color," the beauty guru said. "Her eyes are stronger and so forth."

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