The phrase "It's a small world!" would certainly apply for two of the cast of Katherine Heigl's upcoming CIA drama State Of Affairs.

Katherine Heigl & Adam Kaufman (Right) In State Of Affairs Katherine Heigl & Adam Kaufman (Right) In State Of Affairs

Why? Because not only did Katherine and her co-star Adam Kaufman grow up in the same town - New Canaan, Connecticut, but they went to the same high school! Although the two New Canaan High alumni did not attend at the same time, Kaufman was on campus with Heigl's older sister, Meg.

Katherine spoke to home town publication New Canaan Darien Magazine about her new role, which starts November 17 on NBC.

"When I met with (producer) Bob Simonds about State of Affairs, I was compelled by the idea that being a Presidential briefer is really an actual job. Getting the opportunity to delve into this world and tell the story of Charleston Whitney Tucker who is an intelligent, independent woman, a true patriot, who is the CIA analyst briefing the most powerful person in the United States seemed like the perfect role for me right now."

"It definitely doesn't hurt to have POTUS played with such grace and gravitas by Alfre Woodard", Katherine added, "It is so much fun to work with her. And the idea that this is ripe with all kinds of fascinating stories about our country and the world we live in is phenomenal. We are talking about issues and challenges that our country's leaders are dealing with every day. I think viewers will enjoy getting a glimpse into this world."