Katherine Heigl's new drama State Of Affairs was one of the shows taking center stage yesterday (May 12th) at the Upfronts in New York. Joined by cast members Alfre Woodard and Leslie Odom Jr., Katherine was in attendance to promote the program which debuts November 17th on NBC.

NBC kicked off the week long industry event, where television network executives introduce new shows to the press and major advertisers to allow marketers to buy television commercial airtime 'up front', showcasing their Fall 2014 schedule. Held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, stars gathered on the red carpet to talk about their new series.

"It's a drama, and it involves high-level, high-intensity, very powerful people," Katherine explained when describing her show to journalists, "It has all those things that people find exciting". Regarding her character Charleston Tucker, she confessed that "getting the opportunity to play this woman who's very complicated, smart, ambitious and flawed woman is really thrilling for me. I think she's a very honorable and obviously very patriotic woman - but she's also very messy!"

Katherine Heigl Poses For Photographers At The NBC Upfront Presentation 2014 Katherine Heigl Poses For Photographers At The NBC Upfront Presentation 2014 (Photo: Charles Sykes/NBC)

The relationship between Katherine's character Charleston Tucker and President Constance Payton played by Alfre Woodard is a key aspect of the drama - but not a straightforward one, as Katherine confesses, "It's complicated but very connected, and they have a lot of respect for one another. It's a great relationship, and it has to be, in a way, very close. Because she puts so much faith in me to provide her with the information she needs to make huge decisions."

Katherine Heigl & Alfred Woodard At The NBC Upfront Presentation 2014 Katherine Heigl & Alfred Woodard (Photo: Charles Sykes/NBC)

Woodard concurs, "We will give and take and lean on each other, the same way that the President and the Chief of Staff and the CIA and everybody leans on each other anyway," she says. "When people recognize that their job is interconnected, I think people do a better job. And I think that's one of the things that I think people will see when it comes to it. So it's not that I won't be presidential - there's protocol and I'll be following that. But I'll just be Constance Payton doing that."

One of the draws of the show for both actresses is the cast, "It's because of the cast -- it's an amazing cast!" Woodard points out. "And everybody, besides being solid actors, we're all good at playing with everybody, we all understand that - that it is a team effort. We immediately, when we were shooting the pilot, you really thought we had been in a repertory company together."

Screen Slam also caught up with Katherine on the red carpet to talk about the new show and her admiration for those who work in the intelligence services.