It has been a long journey in both distance and time for Sochi and Adler, two adorable stray pups rescued by staff from the United States Winter Olympics Team off the streets of their Russian hometown in February.

Sochi Sochi Enjoys A Relaxing Snooze

Thankfully, with the help of Katherine Heigl's animal welfare charity the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation it is a journey with a happy ending, as both dogs have been adopted and are heading to loving homes!

Not only have the duo traveled thousands of miles across several continents, but they have battled against the odds to recover from a number of serious health problems. Both dogs have also endured a month of isolation in quarantine because the area of Russia from which they originated was known to be affected by rabies.

Yesterday, Sochi completed the final day of his compulsory quarantine, joining Adler who finished her isolation period a few weeks earlier. Both dogs were enrolled in a 30 day quarantine program required by the Los Angeles Department Of Public Health.

Adler Adler Comes To Investigate

Sochi's entry into quarantine took much longer than his rescue partner, as his initial state of health was far more precarious. Miraculously, Sochi managed to defeat parvo and distemper, both life theatening diseases, and his remarkable recovery astounded caregivers.

"Sochi has improved so much, you wouldn't even recognize him" said his quarantine foster Olivia Bull. "He's gained almost 10 pounds and actually acts like a healthy 4 month old puppy. When he first got here he was so skinny and shy, I had no idea what kind of dog he would end up being. I am happy to say that he is one of the happiest, smartest and sweetest dogs that I've ever met."

"He's an amazing dog" Olivia continued, adding that Sochi "loves to snuggle up with you and have you put out your hand so he can rest his head in your palm, because he's lazy like that. He's got such a little personality on him!"

Sochi Sochi Chills Out At His Foster Home

While Adler also faced health challenges during her quarantine, she had arrived to the United States in a far more robust state. Renamed Billie Bean by her new owner, she has a very playful personality! A fun loving puppy who would play all day if given the chance, Alder's favorite game is fetch. Although she is only 4 months old, we feel that she will be on the small side for her breed when she reaches adulthood, because she still weighs less than 20lbs.

Happy and healthy, both dogs can now look forward to one more journey, a much shorter trip to their respective new homes and new owners. Sochi will head to Tennesse, to a new life with Amanda Bird, Marketing and Communications Director for the USA Bobsled & Skeleton team, whereas Adler will travel with her loving adopters to a home in the country.

Sochi Adler Surveys Her Surroundings

Staff at the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation will miss the puppies, but are delighted to have been able to provide the specialist care that they needed to recover and to have helped in finding them new homes.