In November Katherine completed principal photography for a new film called Jenny's Wedding. Made independently, it is the kind of movie the studios used to make all the time. It is about real people, the problems they face, and the personal courage it takes to resolve them. It is also about transformation and love.

Tom Wilkinson & Katherine Heigl Shooting A Scene For Jenny's Wedding Katherine Heigl & Tom Wilkinson Shooting A Scene For Jenny's Wedding

When Jenny Farrell (Katherine Heigl) decides to marry the love of her life, the small, safe world her family has always inhabited changes completely and they are left with a simple but difficult choice - either change with it or drown. Both moving and funny, Jenny's Wedding has an important message to send, and you can help to deliver it!

To find out more about the production and see exclusive material from both in font and behind the camera, check out the official Jenny's Wedding Facebook and Twitter pages. Also look out for some exicting news coming soon on how you can get involved and assist the project!