More nutty chat and fun with Katherine Heigl and Will Arnett, who discuss all things squirrel with the press ahead of the release of The Nut Job, which hits theaters today.

Katherine Heigl At The Nut Job Premiere

Look out for Katherine's hilarious squirrel impersonation, her own encounter with a real life bushy-tailed rodent, and how her character in the movie was a very practical and level headed squirrel, as she explained to Extra.

Celebified asked the two stars if their own children understood that they were voicing the characters in the movie, and if Katherine received any tips from her co-stars preparing for what was her first voice role.

Katherine told Screenslam that the production required she use her own voice for Andie, her character in the movie, though soon confessed that she really wanted to give her a cute lisp.

AMC Theaters wanted to know how the actors reacted when told they would be playing the role of a squirrel, while Katherine told Desde Hollywood that she found it strange listening to her own voice.

The duo also spoke with Checa La Movie's Teresa Garza about the movie, where Will Arnett insisted that people would have a lot of fun!

Speaking with CineMovie's Sue Evelyn Gil, Katherine was told about the B-Roll clip of her recording session for The Nut Job, a process that she admitted made her very self conscious and included many giggly moments.

ET were also on hand to ask for the top reason why each of the leads chose to take on the project.