Katherine recently shared a photograph of herself on her social media pages, cuddling up with daughters Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun (Naleigh) and Adalaide Marie Hope (Addie) on a sofa outside their home.

Katherine Heigl, Naleigh, Adalaide & Gertie The Chihuahua Katherine Heigl, Naleigh, Adalaide & Gertie The Chihuahua

Sneaking into the bottom of the family photo was a small, but very unique Chihuahua called Gertrude, or Gertie as she is known affectionately. A relatively new addition to the Kelley family, the little dog has quickly become Katherine's shadow, following her everywhere and anywhere she goes!

Gertie was originally going to be adopted Katherine's mom Nancy Heigl, who had contacted Laurel Kinder of Kinder 4 Resce, one of the groups that the Heigl Foundation helps to support, asking for a Chihuahua that no else would take. Nancy likes to take older dogs with health conditions that often require frequent vet bills and special attention that can put off most adopters. A day later Laurel contacted her about a very special Chihuahua that was at the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California.

Volunteers and staff at the facility had fallen in love with Gertie's spritely personality and had already intervened twice to save her life, so they were thrilled to see that this special soul was going to be adopted as she was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. After a quick visit to the vet to have Gertie checked out, Foundation staff took her to Nancy's house in Los Angeles so that the two could get more acquainted.

Katherine Heigl With Gertie The Chihuahua Katherine Heigl & Gertie The Chihuahua Strike A Pose

However, things didn't quite turn out that way she had planned! Katherine was in town on business and staying with Nancy at her house. In no time at all she and Gertie were inseparable, so a few weeks later, the little dog without any teeth and a tongue that lolls outside of her mouth at all times, was heading out to rural Utah to live with Katherine, Josh and their children!