Katherine said goodbye to her movie children Madison Wolfe and Aiden Flowers on the set of her new film North Of Hell in New Orleans yesterday. The kids had just shot their last scene for the dark comedy, which centers on a couple (played by Katherine and Patrick Wilson) who live an exaggerated suburban life that goes to hell when they are targeted by drug dealers.

Katherine Heigl With Co-Stars Madison wolfe & Aiden Flowers Katherine Heigl With Co-Stars Madison wolfe & Aiden Flowers

The two leads are supported by a cast that includes James Belushi, Jordana Brewster, AJ Buckley, Heath Freeman and Katherine's former Grey's Anatomy co-star Kevin McKidd. However, the alumni agreed that fans of the TV show should not expect the scenes they share in the movie to be anything like their previous work on the ABC medical drama.

Belushi has also taken to social media, using Twitter's new video clip application Vine to post snippets from behind the scenes, including this clip of McKidd talking to Katherine and Jordana Brewster about losing his eyebrows!

Away from the set, family is very important to Katherine. Her husband and two daughters are with her in New Orleans for the duration of the shoot, and in a feature for the current issue of the UK's Look Magazine (May 27th), she spoke about life at home in rural Utah. "Our house is in the mountains, where I can enjoy being a mother and wife. Our dogs love roaming - every time I try to leave they bark and jump on me! I'm happy organizing barbecues with neighbours and drinking homemade beer. It's not glamorous, but it's good."