Next week congressman Jim Moran plans to reintroduce a bill to the House Of Representatives that would ban the use of gas chambers as a method to euthanize shelter animals. Already illegal in 20 states due to the extreme cruelty and suffering inflicted by this inhumane practice, the bill proposes to extend the ban across the entire country.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), Katherine Heigl & Nancy Heigl Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), Katherine Heigl & Nancy Heigl

"Used primarily in rural shelters, the gas chamber is often a small metal box, smaller than a large dog crate. Each animal is locked inside the hot metal box and then forced to breathe carbon monoxide until it suffocates. Medium and large dogs suffer the additional cruelty of being in a confined space so small that they cannot even turn around. Many pets surrendered to shelters are elderly, pregnant, or sick. These medical conditions only exacerbate their suffering in the gas chamber, " Joy Austin the director of Healing Hearts Animal Rescue writes in her article for

Please contact your local congressperson to express your support for the upcoming bill and help put an end to gas chamber euthanization. If you are unsure who your congressperson is or how to contact them, click here, enter your zip code and then follow the link to your representative's individual website.

Thank you for your support!