Since her last appearance on daytime talk show Anderson Live, early in 2012, Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley had welcomed a new addition to their family - baby daughter Adalaide. Kicking off the interview on Friday (March 8th), host Anderson Cooper started by asking her about their youngest sibling - who turns one next month.

Katherine Heigl On Anderson Live Katherine Heigl On Anderson Live

"There is something very peaceful and amazing about her" Katherine said, explaining that her eldest daughter Naleigh has become Adalaide's 'little mommy'. "She bosses me around. She tells me how I am not feeding her right or I need to burp her more!"

Home for Katherine and family is Utah, having relocated from Los Angeles to a ranch in a small rural town, where her children can have a much more relaxed and normal upbringing away from the goldfish bowl that is Hollywood.

Does she miss life in LA?

Revealing that she had just obtained her state drivers license, Katherine joked that it turned out to be a bit of a disaster. "I take this seriously," she began, "and I did my hair, my makeup and wore a cute top. You know, because you have to live with it," pointing to her license as she handed it Anderson. "It is a nice picture," the host commented. As the camera zoomed in on her photo, Katherine quipped, "I look like an assassin! I look mean!" Anderson pondered for a moment before agreeing, "You do sort of look like an assassin!"

Katherine Heigl Presented Anderson Cooper With A Just One Collar For His Dog Molly Katherine Heigl Presented Anderson Cooper With A Just One Collar For His Dog Molly

Discussion turned Katherine's Just One pet product brand, the proceeds from which go towards a variety of programs implemented by her animal welfare organization the The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which are dedicated to putting an end to the killing of over 10,000 pets every day in shelters across the United States.

Katherine Heigl Meets Rescued Dogs With Anderson Cooper Katherine Heigl & Anderson Cooper Meet Rescued Puppies

Anderson then surprised Katherine when a number of dogs that her Foundation had rescued from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles appeared in the studio. The pups, who were facing imminent euthanization, form part of a bi-monthly transport funded by the Heigl Foundation and facilitated by the New York based North Shore Animal League Of America. North Shore is the worlds largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

Check out the video clip as Katherine gets to meet a few of the amazing pets she helped to save!