Katherine made it a fashion show hat-trick on Wednesday afternoon, attending the J. Mendel Fall 2013 runway event at the Lincoln Center to check out designs for the coming season.

Katherine Heigl At The J. Mendel Fall 2013 Fashion Show Katherine Heigl At The J. Mendel Fall 2013 Fashion Show

Wearing a floral print jacquard J. Mendel dress with studded coral Christian Louboutin "Pigalle Spikes" pumps, Katherine chatted to the reporters about her New York trip, where she has spent time between the promotion of her Just One animal welfare product line, with new stylist Tanya Gill looking at the clothes they want to try out for her.

"I don't have any red-carpet events coming up," Katherine revealed, "So it's hard to say, 'Oh, I love that, can you hold it for me for, say, two years?'". She also explained that the fashion experience is difficult because of how often she gets photographed - she can't splash out on a designer dress and wear it as many times as she wants, or else people would think she'd lost her mind or her wallet. "There was one dress...my wedding dress. I was like, 'Please can I wear this one more time? Like, to cook dinner or something?'" she lamented.

She also spoke candidly about her own struggles with fashion. "I never know what works, and I get too matchy, because that's how I grew up - my mom always coordinated, so I always coordinated, and then people are like, 'No, that's too coordinated; it's not cool,' and I also get too fixated on what's trendy, even though maybe it doesn't actually look good on me."

Katherine shuddered visibly as she remembered her least favorite red-carpet fashion moment of all time. "I went to the premiere of The Beach, what, fifteen years ago or so? And I wore a red cowboy hat. A red cowboy hat," she repeated, "I think my bag even had fringe. I thought it was so cool. I thought I was so cool."

When asked about J. Mendel designs, Katherine added "I'm just a big fan. I really respond to the ladylike, feminine sort of clothing."