Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl today announced her newest venture, Just One, which features a line of specially designed pet products. A portion of each sale will support animal welfare efforts and programs.

"Animal cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia are a major problem in our country," said Heigl. "Just One believes that if each one of us does one thing to help this problem we will together solve it. In this case, you are providing your own pet with a great product and simultaneously saving a homeless pet. If thousands of people unite to each help us save Just One companion animal we can stop the unnecessary killing and turn our animals shelters into true shelters."

Just One will begin by selling a line of custom-designed dog and cat collars through and More retailers and product lines will be added in the coming weeks.

Just One

"Each time someone buys a Just One product," Heigl said, "a percentage of that purchase will help to spay and neuter pets, place shelter animals in loving homes and help end the euthanizing of 10,000 companion animals a day. Our goal is to provide pet owners with a quality product and also the knowledge they have not only purchased a great product for their own pet, but they have helped save a homeless one."

About Just One

Just One was established to help fund the worthy efforts of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. Just One sells pet products with the Just One name in order to spread awareness of the global problem of animal cruelty. And it donates a portion of each sale to end that cruelty. Just One person can make a difference. For more information please visit

About The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation was founded by Nancy and Katherine Heigl in loving memory of their son and brother, Jason, who passed away at the age of 15. Jason loved animals. The Foundation extends his legacy of compassion and care by funding efforts to end the euthanizing of 10,000 pets a day and improving their lives through a variety of programs, from funding spay/neuter surgeries to assisting rescue organizations. For more information please visit

Fact Sheet

Please download the Fact Sheet for more information about Just One.