Photographer Cheyenne Ellis recently visited Katherine and family at their home in rural Utah, where she shot a few images that capture a side of her friend that she feels not everyone gets to see.

"Katie told me a long time ago that she wanted to build a home in the mountains, move to Utah, have horses, and spend her winters skiing," Ellis recalls.

"Instinctively, after my joy for her and what that could hold, images popped into my mind, I can't help it sometimes. Her with her horses, in her element, calm, relaxed, and real. A side of Katie that not everyone gets to see, but one that I'm so fortunate to experience every time I'm with her. She's always photographed as the glamorous girl, the old Hollywood starlet, or the sexy vixen, that we all know she can play. But when she's not working, she's at home with her family, sewing for her kids, cooking for her family, and being a down to earth girl with her friends and her dogs. I wanted to translate that into images," she explains.

"We spent the afternoon on her new property, played dress up, had her ride around on her horses, and drank wine by the teepee. For me, its one of my favorite ways to spend a day. I love the collaboration process of taking pictures and getting to do that with my friends is even more rewarding."

Halle Berry, Robin Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Katherine McPhee, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Chambers and Josh Kelley are just a few of the many famous faces that Cheyenne has captured so beautifully with her work. Visit to view more from her extensive portfolio of fashion lifestyle, portrait and studio images, interspersed with wonderfully evocative shots from her international travels. Ellis's personal blog also provides an insight into the passion she has for her work and a unique behind the scenes look at her photography.

When she is not behind the camera taking photographs of celebrities for publications like Cosmopolitan, Redbook or Seventeen, or on a fashion shoot for clients such as Nike, Gap or Banana Republic, Cheyenne can often be found jumping out of a window or hanging out of a helicopter. Ellis is also a stunt woman, having paid her way through photography school doubling for actresses like Rebecca Romijn and Katherine Heigl.

One For The Money, Life As We Know It, Killers and The Ugly Truth are just four of the many movies where Cheyenne has stepped into Katherine's shoes for stunt work.

Cheyenne first met Katherine in the Bahamas when the two were just teenagers. Heigl was filming My Father The Hero for Touchstone Pictures and Cheyenne's father was also working on the production. "My Dad was the 2nd Unit Director and I ended up becoming her stunt double," Ellis remembers. "We've worked together ever since and became great friends along the away."

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