The May issue of Cosmo and Petra in Germany share a common theme - Katherine as their cover girl! Both magazines are currently on newsstands and feature an interview and photo shoot with the One For The Money star, where she chats about the movie which debuted on Deutsch cinema screens yesterday.

Katherine Heigl - Cosmopolitan (Germany), May 2012 Katherine Heigl - Cosmopolitan (Germany), May 2012

One For The Money, which is known as Einmal Ist Keinmal in Germany, also stars Jason O'Mara, Daniel Sunjata, Debbie Reynolds, Sherri Shepherd and John Leguizamo. It was directed by Julie Anne Robinson and is based on first book in the best-selling series of novels by Janet Evanovich.

Katherine Heigl - Petra, May 2012 Katherine Heigl - Petra (Germany), May 2012