At the beginning of last month, Katherine visited Esslingen in Germany, the hometown of her maternal grandfather Reinhold F. Engelhard. As part of her visit she enjoyed a guided tour through the historic city, an event covered by national television station RTL, who conducted an interview during her walk around the ancient streets of the town. During the tour, she made an unscheduled stop at a small hat boutique when the window of local designer Birgit Sophie Metzger's shop caught her eye.

Katherine Heigl Wearing A Birgit Metzger Hat

The designer and store owner was both surprised and delighted when Katherine, accompanied by the television crew, photographers and entourage arrived unexpectedly at Szenario. Spending around 30 minutes in the store trying on different items, Katherine purchased several of the eye catching creations, one of which she was wearing soon after leaving the shop.

Katherine Heigl's Birgit Sophie Metzger Hat Katherine Heigl's Birgit Sophie Metzger Hat