"I'm hoping to adopt another baby. I can't image my daughter being an only child," Katherine told Australia's Herald Sun referring to three year old Nancy Leigh (Naleigh), whom she and husband Josh Kelley adopted from Korea in 2008. "I've started the application but it's a lengthy process. We'd really like a boy. I want a mama's boy. Naleigh is such a daddy's girl," she laughed. "I want to be the favourite. I've heard that that means I need to have a boy."

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley & Their Daughter Naleigh

As for the possibility of having a baby through natural childbirth, she said: "We've talked about having a biological child. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to pain but it's something we hope to do before I'm too old to do it. And, when and if I'm pregnant, I don't want to have to work. I want to be calm and not worry about how much weight I'm gaining."

"Josh and I have been married four years, which seems like a record in Hollywood. I feel safe and comforted in his presence, but sometimes I want to kill him, and then, thankfully, he goes on tour," Heigl quipped.

Katherine explained that the couple always try to embrace the romance in their relationship and she's happy to play the traditional gender roles to a degree. "I like to do domestic things for him. I like to cook and do his laundry. I know it sounds really 1950s housewife, but let me be clear, I'm not doing it all the time," adding, "I do get to go off and have a really fun, exciting job. If I were home doing it 24/7 I might not like it so much."

Discussing her new movie One For The Money, reporter Michele Manelis asked the leading lady what she thought of being synonymous with romantic comedies. In particular, in response to the quote by actress Mila Kunis that "Life isn't a Katherine Heigl movie," in the picture Friends With Benefits. "Oh, I think it's hilarious," Katherine said, "Yes, it's right. It is a lie. But I'm flattered that my name would be brought up in a movie," she laughed.

"What's funny is that your acquaintances always tell you when someone's making fun of you or has said something negative. At first I thought, 'Well, that sucks'. But now I'm actually flattered that my name would be brought up in a movie. It's really weird. I was also mentioned in one of my favourite television shows, Hart of Dixie. It's really surreal. When I heard it, I had to call my mum."

Jason O'Mara & Katherine Heigl In One For The Money Jason O'Mara & Katherine Heigl In One For The Money

In One For The Money, a crime mystery and a definite departure from the aforementioned rom-com genre, Katherine plays unlikely heroine and plucky bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, taking on a blue-collar New Jersey accent as she chases down the bad guys.

"Stephanie's very different from me. I grew up in a very sort of upper-class, fancy-schmancy town in Connecticut. It was a real treat to play her. She has an effortless sexiness about her that doesn't rely heavily on hair, make-up and wardrobe, except for the uber-tight jeans," Katherine explained of the much beloved character from the best-selling series of novels by Janet Evanovich.

Though capturing 'the bounty' proved a little more problematic, "I'm terrible with handcuffs," Katherine told Vancouver's the Georgia Straight, "They drove me nuts. I was always delaying the take, cause I could never get the handcuffs on the actor, and I'm apologizing profusely, and twisting his arm too hard. I hate handcuffs, they’re annoying."

She was however, surprised to find that packing heat was much more enjoyable than she had imagined and that she was a bit of a sharp shooter. "Well, I actually wasn't all that thrilled that they made us go to a gun range to practice shooting. I thought it was a bit much since we were just pretending to shoot guns and kill people. We didn't really need to learn in my mind how to be a great shot. They put a gun in your hand and do this 30 minute spiel on everything that could possibly go wrong, and I'm thinking, ‘Why am I here doing this?’" continues Heigl. "And then I put the goggles on, point, and aim, and shoot, and I was, like, 'Oh, this is very satisfying.' I totally enjoyed it, and I was a pretty good shot. I was totally excited about that."